The Autistic Me – P.M.Adamson

Some people seem to think I’m out of my head
They just don’t understand what I’ve said
I may not be the same as you, It’s something you can’t see
You can’t see inside my head, I’m the Autistic me.…

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Changes – P.M.Adamson

Bread in the toaster changes to toast
potatoes in the oven change to roast
Water in the freezer changes to Ice
Sometimes changes can be very nice

A grumpy face can Change into a smile
you can walk or change to run a mile
You can change boiled to fried rice
sometimes changes can be very nice

Wet clothes in the sunshine change to dry
a caterpillar changes to a butterfly
You can throw to change the numbers on a dice
sometimes changes can be very nice  
Sometimes changes make us sad
sometimes changes can be bad                    
Rain can change and get much wetter
but I like change which is for the better
Eggs can hatch and change to a chicken
you can use a spoon or change to finger-lickin’
Tadpoles change into a frog
puppies change into a dog.…

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Autism Is Not Retarded – Ryan McReynolds

You said Auties are retarded
That is very untrue for me
You sound to me like a crack head
A good lesson is what you need

Autism is not retarded
Auties like me aren’t invalids
Auties like me have had enough
Don’t you dare tell us to shut up

Well have you heard of the bill of rights?…

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