About AutismLyrics.com

Autism Lyrics is a collection of autism songs and lyrics about autism. All of the lyrics are designed to elicit an emotional response from its readers. All of the autism songs in this collection are carefully reviewed by hand selected editors, songwriters, music producers and media professionals for quality and accuracy. Music therapy for autism is an important element to us because these autism songs can improve the communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our collection consists of autism songs written and/or performed by artists such as Mark Leland, Aika Hirahara, Maddie Georgi, Jamie Manning and many others.

Most of the songs about autism we have in our collection of lyrics are available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, Napster & other MP3 retailers. Some of the autism songs give all or a portion of its proceeds to various autism awareness foundations.

1 in 91 American children currently have autism. While there is no cure for autism, over the past decade, significant strides have been made to improve the treatment options for children on the autism spectrum. We are here to help spread awareness of autism through music.