The Autistic Me – P.M.Adamson

Some people seem to think I’m out of my head
They just don’t understand what I’ve said
I may not be the same as you, It’s something you can’t see
You can’t see inside my head, I’m the Autistic me.

Some people just don’t understand the objects that I spin
You want to see inside me, but you don’t know how to get in,
You don’t understand when I gaze up into space
You can’t see inside my head, but I have amazing grace.

Some people are Black and White, Muslim, Catholic and Jew
The world tries to harmonize with tolerance for me and you
So why don’t those same rules apply when there’s something you don’t see
Maybe then you’ll see the truth, behind the Autistic me.

Some people seem to think that I want to be in control
Well when you put pressure on me, Isn’t that a similar role
You try and make me just like you but I’m different you see
So please don’t judge and you’ll  see the Autistic me.

Some people are the angry young men fighting for a cause
That breeds in-balance and leads the world to wars
I don’t want to fight, it’s not what I’m about
But when you fail to understand me, It makes me scream and shout

Some people don’t understand me when I flap around the room
But I think you’re all odd when I watch Superman and Agadoo
It’s not that I’m a weirdo, I am human too you see
So accept me for what I am, I am the Autistic me.