Autism Song Lyrics

Title Artist
All He Has to Say (Autism Song) aika (Aika Hirahara)
All of The Money In The World Jamie Manning
Autism Is Not Retarded – Ryan McReynolds Ryan McReynolds
Changes – P.M.Adamson P.M.Adamson
Crossing Bridges Viki Gayhardt
His Wings The NeoTypicals
Light It Up Blue Just Say It
Little One Bilal
Love Me For Who I Am Samantha E
Missing Pieces Mark Leland
Never Give Up Your Dreams Samantha E
On My Shoulder Carole-Anne Withers
Parents in the Playground P.M.Adamson
Prayer For Autism Peter M. Adamson
Road Signs Jamie Manning
Surrender Jamie Manning
Take My Hand Maddie Georgi
Talk For Eternity Tyson Bowman
The Autistic Me – P.M.Adamson P.M.Adamson
The Story Of Her Life Jamie Manning
The Water Is Wide Jamie Manning
The Weight of The World Jamie Manning
This House Jamie Manning
Walkin’ That Road Jamie Manning
We’re Gonna Need Love Jamie Manning
What Remains Jamie Manning
While You Sleep Viki Gayhardt
You Are Welcome Here Jamie Manning
You Surround The Mystery Marri Nallos